The Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosay of Namyang

The Rosary Road at Namyang Holy Site resembles the icon of Vladimir's "Our Lady of Mercy."

It is truly remarkable that the aerial view of the "Joyful Mysteries" Road at the holy site uncannily resembles the Holy Mother, with her Son Jesus snuggling up to His Mother, as expressed in the Vladimir icon, that shows the deep love between the Holy Mother and Jesus, as if the icon was lifted and made into a real place as the Road!

the aerial view of rosary hill(left) and vladimir's holy mother of mercy icon(riht)

This resemblance could be discerned rather vaguely in the diagram of the site upon its completion in 2002, but was clearly revealed in November, 2005 when an aerial photo intended for the brochure was taken from a helicopter.

Those on the helicopter were shocked into awe to behold the resemblance of the outline of the Rosary Road, the site of so many believers who call the Holy Mother's name and pray the Rosary, to the famous picture of Vladimir's ""Our Lady of Mercy" "Ah! The Holy Mother is right here with us, at Namyang's Rosary Hill!"

They continued to take the photographs awe-struck as if they were personally witnessing Mary's own appearance, as the resemblance between the Rosary Road and the Icon leaves little doubt in anyone who witnesses it.

What is truly surprising and mysterious, not to mention awe-inspiring, is the fact that the resemblance was completely spontaneous and unintentional, none of the original plans including anything like this for the Road from the beginning.