The Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosay of Namyang

Pilgrims in prayer at the garden of merciful jesus


image Upon the occasion of canonizing Sister Faustina (the faithful disciple of merciful God) in the year of the Jubilee Pope John Paul II said, "The message of mercy is not new, but in an era of violence and war Sister Maria Faustina is a gift of God for our age." Now more than at any other time, it is supremely important to rely on God's mercy and to spread the message of His Mercy.

With the desire to help as many believers as possible to remember, rely on, and pray for God's boundless mercy, we have dedicated the Garden of Merciful Jesus. It is located where the Way of the Cross at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary of Namyang ("Rosary Hill") ends.

Pilgrims praying five decades of the rosary for god's mercy

There stands the statue of Divine Mercy which is described through Sister Faustina's testimony, as "the vessel that draws the water of grace from the well." This statue reminds us of the urgent need to rely on God and to love our neighbors.

At the Garden of Merciful Jesus, the pilgrim can find the Way of God's Mercy that displays the crown of thorns, the nail and hammer, the hands and feet nailed to the cross, and the spear-pierced heart of Suffering Jesus. He can pray for God's mercy by reciting five decades of the Rosary for Divine Mercy. During this prayer the believer can place his hands on the Rosary beads and recall the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross to save the world and offers his own prayer for mercy on himself and the world.


Also on display at the Garden of Merciful Jesus at Rosary Hill are the sculpture of the Holy Mother's "Pieta" and the busts of Saint Faustina and of Pope John Paul II.