The Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosay of Namyang


The pilgrims are praying to our lady

Dear Holy Mother of Namyang
Who opens her arms of mercy with a smile!
We behold your intimacy of beauteous love
And deep intimacy with the Infant Jesus.
You are the Virgin Mother, borne of Immaculate Conception
And holy blessings, who bore and nurtured our Lord Jesus.
Holy Mother of God, we praise you who are also our mother.
Dear Holy Mother of Namyang,
The very sight of the Infant Jesus who hangs onto your garment
Tells us to get near you and rely on your care and mercy.
Forsake us not when we hang onto you for your mercy,
Just with our full trust and love, and the desire to belong to you,
And, therefore, grant us the stay in your house.
Our powerful Advocate Mother who is always with the Lord,
Praying for our cause, we give you our prayer
In confirmation of your intercession.
Give us your merciful and caring glance
And bless us, our families and our nation. Amen.